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'The Airplanes & The King' English Re-Publication: As promised a few months ago, the extremely well-received spanish book 'The Airplanes & The King' by Carlos Varrenti is now being republished as an English version. The Prologue was written by Elvis expert Carlos R. Ares
Not only that but it has now been expanded to an amazing 400 pages with a lot of unreleased material from Elvis Files' vaults!
The English version is printed as a High quality Hardback book.
The author notes, 'As an Aeronautical Engineer, and a huge Elvis Presley fan, I have always wanted to write a book on Planes and the King. Since my first visit to Graceland, back in 2001, I have been extremely intrigued by Elvis' history with his aircraft and his link to aeronautics in general. In my life every little detail, every short paragraph in a book, every video, every photograph, every little note or information related to Elvis and his planes, was always marked and kept in my personal archive. In 2021 all this information, along with some unique Elvis stories, has now been beautifully arranged in this glorious book, for every Elvis fan."
Printed and distributed by The Elvis Files Team!

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The Airplanes & The King in The World (Links)

1956-05-28 - A Moment in Time, 4 Days in _56. May 28, 1956. Dayton, Ohio airport heading f

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Graceland Magazine 
July/August 2021

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